About Neiden


Neiden has Sami settlement, and here are the remaining Norwegians the Skolt Sami. As part of Barents cooperation residents of the Norwegian-Russian border can travel freely without visa.

The East Sami settlement Skoltebyen is a protected cultural monument. In Skoltebyen is located St. George's Chapel which is the only orthodox chapel in Norway and the country's smallest church. According to tradition, the chapel was built in the 16th century by the monk Trifon by Petsjenga (1495–1583).


The bedrock belongs East Finnmark's bedrock area. Northwest of Neiden exists Neidengranitten which was formed about 2,500 million years ago. It is slightly deformed and cuts through the older gneiss. The granite is also found around Jarfjorden.

Through Neiden flows Neidenelva which is among Finnmark's best salmon rivers. It is built laksetrapp. In Øvre Neiden is one of Finnmark's mountain lodges.